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Beef brands slow to move on deforestation

Forests at stake

The impact of the beef industry on forests is massive, yet companies don’t seem to be doing much about it Read more

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Seafood and oceans

Business benefits from Thai labour progress

Thai fishermen
Sector on board with better working conditions

The US government has recognised improvements in tackling trafficking in Thailand’s seafood sector, but the endemic labour abuses will be tough to eradicate Read more

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Sustainable oceans – how business can manage risk and drive change Download here

Human rights and trade

Can supply chain technology deliver improved human rights?

Technology with impact

What techology has the potential to bring exciting and effective solutions for human rights risks, and how companies can deal with them? Read more

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Transforming supply chains for responsible business Download here

Forests and agriculture

Are land rights the key for smallholder farmers?

Companies have a big role to play in helping their smallholder farmer suppliers secure land rights. Secure land rights are often essential for smallholders to obtain finance – support that is critical for making investments that raise farm productivity, improve post-harvest practices, smooth household cash flow, and aid better access to markets and management of risk. Farmers that own their land are also incentivised to improve their farms, and so boost the yields that sourcing companies need for supply security. Read more

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Updated 2015 analysis covering deforestation issues from leading writers Download here

Supply chain strategy

Sugar supply chain challenges debated – PepsiCo, CSC Sugar and Bonsucro

sugar cane
Collaboration developing as brands take responsibility

Corporate commitments, how to achieve transparency and build trusted and effective sugar sourcing policies are discussed in this new Innovation Forum webinar. With Rob Meyers, sustainability director at PepsiCO, Diane Stevenson, director of sustainabilty at CSC Sugar, and Simon Usher, CEO of Bonsucro. Introduced and moderated by Innovation Forum's Ian Welsh Read more

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Sustainable drinks: How to create opportunity from innovation Download here

Business innovation

Palm oil sustainability, partnerships vs lawsuits and agritech

palm oil nursery
Growth of a better palm oil industry?

Scott Poynton from TFT and Innovation Forum's Toby Webb compare notes and discuss the demise of the Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge and its impact on supply chains, NGO-business relationships, sustainable agriculture and the potential impact of innovative technology and GM Read more

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How to manage extractive sector risks Download here

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