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How business can tackle deforestation

How business can tackle deforestation

Understand deforestation risk, benchmark your policies and collaborate effectively with NGOs

14th-15th April, 2015, Washington DC

This global event combatting deforestation - a follow up to a London meeting in October 2014 - is designed to be an annual meeting place that discusses the trends, debates the issues, connects the key players and drives change. Through an interactive and engaging agenda, and by bringing together the corporate practitioners and NGOs that make a difference, the conference is designed to bring maximum value - and maximum action. 

  • The legal risks of not knowing your supply chain  – The latest trends and what they mean for business
  • How business is responding – Hear how leading firms are putting targets into action
  • Develop credible policy –  Find out how to fit deforestation into your sustainability framework
  • Beyond certification –  In-depth critical analysis of certification’s limits, and how to go beyond them
  • Leverage supplier engagement  – Learn how to communicate with and incentivize your suppliers for improved traceability
  • Successfully engage with government – How can business effectively engage with government to close the enforcement gap?

Speakers include

Mark Buckley

Mark Buckley

Vice President for Environmental Affairs


Christine Riley Miller

Christine Riley Miller

Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Dunkin' Brands

Jeremy Goon

Jeremy Goon

Chief Sustainability Officer


Cassie Phillips

Cassie Phillips

Vice President, Sustainable Forests & Products


Speakers also include:

Katherine Neebe, director of sustainability, stakeholder engagement, Walmart

Dr Simon Lord, goup director for sustainability, New Britain Palm Oil Limited

Paige Goff, vice president, sustainability & business communications, Domtar

Ben Vreeburg, sustainability director, IOI Loders Croklaan

Dr. Beth Stevens, SVP environment & conservation, Disney

Jean B. Sweeney, vice president, environment, health and safety, 3M

Stephen Rumsey, chairman, Permian Global

Leela Barrock, group head communications and corporate affairs, Sime Darby

Erik Wohlgemuth, COO, Future 500

Simo Honkanen, senior vice president sustainability and public affairs, Neste Oil

Michiel Hendriksz, director of sustainability, ADM 

Eric Boyle, senior manager sourcing, Hershey Company

Who is attending?

Attending will be 150 senior professionals representing large corporations from corporate responsibility, sustainability and supply chain job functions. We’re also bringing together the NGOs that can help you make a real difference. We’re actively restricting the number of service providers to ensure a minimum of 80% of attendees are corporate practitioners and key NGOs to ensure the conference delivers maximum value – and maximum action. 

Conference Objectives

  • To explain why deforestation is one of the top business issues in the next decade.
  • Analyse the latest trends, campaigns, and what business is currently doing to tackle deforestation
  • To explain how to design and implement better anti-deforestation policies and practices
  • To showcase and debate current best practice in removing deforestation from corporate supply chains
  • To highlight the partnerships that help deliver that
  • To understand the regulatory environment around legality and sustainable forestry

Feedback from London

"The London forum not only provided a platform for a frank and honest exchange of opinions but ‎laid out in clear and simple terms what steps responsible businesses should be taking"

Simon Lord, group director for sustainability, New Britain Palm Oil

"The format allows to get straight to the heart of the issues and creates a safe discussion zone where constructive exchange of ideas can happen"

Bastien Sachet, director, TFT

"A first rate conference with many take outs and options for solutions"

John Clague, technical manager compliance, Waitrose

"The right people from a broad range of backgrounds were gathered to have a rich, challenging debate on policy, practice, partnership and campaigning"

Mike Barry, director, Plan A, M&S

"The event brought people together in a way that encouraged blunt speaking and action-oriented dialogue"

Richard Donovan, senior vice president, Rainforest Alliance


Deforestation: The business challenge of the next decade

If you are looking to learn more about what business and government can do to end deforestation amongst the key stakeholders in the space, then this is the forum for you. For the full background and all the info on our expert speakers and detailed agenda, download the brochure on the right hand side now.

Any questions, please do get in touch!

Oliver Bamford
Innovation Forum
+ 44 (0) 203 780 7431 



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