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Sustainability: Why current consumer engagement fails – and how to fix it

One day difficult debate about reality and solutions

9th November 2015, London

This conference will bring together big companies, smaller firms, NGOs and sceptical experts to debate what actually works in engaging consumers around sustainability.

Many consumer goods companies – and others – have calculated that a huge proportion of their environmental footprint is in product use. So businesses are becoming highly motivated to engage their customers, but typically lack real results and scale.

Therefore, this conference will debate the latest trends amongst experienced corporate practitioners and leading experts to deliver real and actionable solutions.

  • Find out what we’ve really learned so far about real engagement with consumers on sustainability. Can it drive profits?
  • Cut through the fluff. Debate the good intentions vs. real purchasing decisions of consumers, can the gap actually be closed?
  • Discover what’s really driving change: Case studies of what’s worked – and failed – and why
  • Debate the Limits to Consumer Engagement. Can brands REALLY convince consumers effectively to scale change beyond deep green market segments?

Who will be attending?

Executives from sustainability, public affairs and corporate affairs, marketing and communications. Key NGOs, academics and sceptical experts will also participate. 

We have many big brands and knowledgeable experts already confirmed including the likes of: Unilever, Heineken, SAB Miller, Vodafone, Selfridges, B&Q, FSC, Froosh, Nudie Jeans, Pernod Ricard, G-Star, ISEAL, Robertsbridge, INSEAD and many more.

What’s different about this conference?

1)      We’re highly business focused. Lots of events are about theory and academic studies. We look at solving problems via how companies make clear-eyed and robust decisions.

2)      We bring big companies and the challenging ethical brands together. We believe this helps produce insight and drive solutions.

3)      We provide genuine debate: We don’t do waffle, PPT or corporate videos.  We do this via short sharp debate sessions, Q&A’s and facilitated dialogue.

4)      We’re completely pragmatic and solutions focused. We don’t allow our events to get bogged down in overly technical arguments.

5)      We’re highly connected with big business. We have a database of more than 20,000 executives all focused on sustainable business. We bring new parties to traditional areas in a different style.


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