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How business can tackle deforestation

How business can tackle deforestation

Innovation, implementation and impact – stop deforestation in your supply chain

April 3rd-4th, Pew Center, Washington DC

A two-day discussion, debate and best practice forum, with interactive working groups

This conference builds on previous Innovation Forum meetings in Washington DC, London and Singapore and is designed to provide practical guidance for the development and implementation of zero deforestation policies for business.

Key players from business, government, NGOs and the investment community, will come together to discuss the latest trends and challenges faced in the effort to remove deforestation from corporate supply chains.

This conference will allow you to see how your organization’s sustainability strategy can best be applied to preserve forests in an impactful manner and stop deforestation while protecting your company’s reputation.

Some of the key points the conference will address include:

  • From policy to implementation to impact: forests are still being cleared, learn how to start making an impact now.
  • New politics, new rules? Understand the implications of new US administration on forest regulation.
  • Climate change and deforestation: learn how to tie it all together in a single corporate sustainability strategy.
  • NGOs and campaigners: how to get ahead of the curve and stay out of the NGO firing-line.
  • Supply chain transparency and traceability: learn how new technology can increase both.

Participate in practical, insightful sessions on:

  • The latest best practice case studies from leading corporates and NGOs such as Asia, Pulp and Paper, Citi, Mondelez International, JBS, McDonalds, Starbucks, 3M, and many more.
  • How best to engage and work with key stakeholders – in-depth workshops on how to form partnerships with NGOs, government, suppliers and competitors.
  • Detailed commodity-specific workshop focused on the unique challenges that pertain to the drivers of deforestation in palm oil, paper and pulp, cattle and soy.

New session formats for maximum engagement and learning

As part of Innovation Forum’s commitment to bringing the best level of content and discussion to attendees we are introducing new session formats to increase engagement and learning for the audience.

There will be no death by PowerPoint, or death by panel! We ban PPT outright and make sure the discussions are structured and planned properly to get useful, insightful content quickly.

The new types of sessions formats at our upcoming conferences will include debates, ‘question time’, live feedback, value chain analysis, scenario- and dilemma-based workshops and senior executive Q+As.

Speakers include

Sophie Beckham

Sophie Beckham

Manager, Forest Stewardship and Sustainability

International Paper

Marcio Nappo

Marcio Nappo

Director, Corporate Sustainability


Rachael Sherman

Rachael Sherman

Director, Global Supply Chain Sustainability


Dawn Krueger

Dawn Krueger

Sustainability Supply Chain Manager


Anita Neville

Anita Neville

VP Corporate Communications & Sustainability Relations

Golden Agri-Resources

Kelly Goodejohn

Kelly Goodejohn

Director, Ethical Sourcing


Simon Lord

Simon Lord

Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Sime Darby

Karimah Hudda

Karimah Hudda

Global Procurement Sustainability Lead

Mondelez International

Background and purpose of the event

Innovation Forum is an independent conference and publishing company based in London that focuses on engaging business on sustainability issues. Preventing deforestation and climate change, and promoting sustainable forestry is one of our key areas of focus.

Since 2014, Innovation Forum has hosted seven international conferences on how business can tackle deforestation in London, Washington DC and Singapore. These events have engaged companies in an open and meaningful way as to what their role is in preventing deforestation and progressing sustainable forestry, and how best to fulfil that role, individually and collectively.

On April 3rd and 4th, 2017, we will host the next conference in Washington DC that will provide a forum for companies from North America and elsewhere to come together and discuss how they can best manage deforestation risks in their supply chains. The conference will cover principally the three key regions of North America, South America and southeast Asia that all present unique deforestation risks for companies operating or sourcing from these regions.

The objectives of the conference are to:

  • Provide a high-level discussion on the impact of business operations and efforts in stopping deforestation and sustainable forestry.
  • Outline the latest innovations and concrete case studies from companies leading the anti-deforestation effort.
  • Provide an accessible environment for companies new to the topic to get to grips with deforestation risks and sustainable forestry in their supply chain.
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices on common challenges that companies, NGOs and other actors are facing.


Who will be at the conference?

The 2017 conference in Washington DC will have 160 delegates representing corporates, NGOs, suppliers, traders, development agencies, investors, government bodies and other relevant organisations. 


Register for the conference

If you would like to join the conference as a delegate, you can register online here to secure a pass. 

If you are looking to attend the conference with two or more colleagues, please email to secure a group discount. 


Sponsors of the event

We are currently looking for a small number of sponsors to work with, to push forward progressive discussion on sustainable forestry and preventing deforestation.

If you would like to discuss being a sponsor for this event, please contacts Lewis Hudson on the below details:

T: +44 (0) 20 3780 7438



Chatham House rule

Given the nature of the topics under discussion, and to promote open, candid dialogue, this conference will be held under the Chatham House rule of non-disclosure.

This conference is not designed as a communications or PR platform. It’s designed to promote constructive discussion between companies, NGOs, government and other stakeholders that recognise the critical risks from deforestation and are serious in trying to tackle the problems and promote sustainable forestry.



The conference will be held at the Pew Centre in Washington DC.


901 E Street NW

Washington, DC




+1 202-552-2000

The closest accommodation options can be found here.


Event manager

Boris Petrovic

Project director

Innovation Forum

Office: +44 (0)20 3780 7430 (London, UK time zone)

Direct: +44 (0)20 3780 7434  


Event partners

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Permian Global

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