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Business and human rights: manage risk, implement policy and secure relationships

Business and human rights: manage risk, implement policy and secure relationships

1st-2nd November 2017, London

Two days of practical analysis, discussion and guidance.

As our fourth forum on human rights and business, we will be building on previous years events, with an emphasis on more tangible, interactive and high-level discussion.

This event is designed to provide companies with the knowledge, insight and practical guidance on how business can best engage and manage human rights risks in their operations and supply chains.

Session formats have been updated to include Q&As, question time, case studies and scenario-based training to ensure sessions are interactive and engaging.

Over the two days we’ll bring together business, NGOs, multi stakeholder initiatives and government to discuss the most pressing issues that you deal with day to day, and those that you should be focussing on in the next five years.

In a series of plenary discussions, we will be covering the big issues, including:

  • Is human rights risk REALLY anything more than a reputational risk? A look at the actual drivers that make companies act
  • Civil society expectations: where do you stand now and where do you need to be in five years?
  • Modern slavery: two years on, how do you keep up the momentum internally?
  • The current political climate: what does it mean for human rights and does your business have a role in responding?
  • Supply chain mapping – where to start, what to look for and the technologies to help you uncover risks beyond tier one
  • Emerging legislation: How does the changing legal environment affect your business, and what are the implications for your supply chain?

We will have smaller, more focused sessions on the following:

  • Measuring your mark – how do you quantify and measure social impact?
  • Reporting workshop: what’s important, and what’s not? How to make your reports more meaningful
  • Child labour case study with UNICEF - short, mid and long term actions
  • Engaging procurement and aligning internal interests - Q&A with British American Tobacco
  • Focussed industry case studies on food and agriculture, hospitality and finance.

See the full agenda here.

Speakers include

Gillian Caldwell

Gillian Caldwell


Global Witness

Phil Bloomer

Phil Bloomer

Executive Director

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Annette Fergusson

Annette Fergusson

Head of Sustainable Business


Maria Anne van Dijk

Maria Anne van Dijk

Head of Environmental Social & Ethical Risk and Policy


Laura Okkonen

Laura Okkonen

Head of Human Rights


Andreas Klug

Andreas Klug

Global Head of Privacy Group Privacy Officer


See the full list of speakers here.

What’s different about this forum?

  • Interactive sessions – with a blanket ban on PowerPoint! Updated session formats this year will include live crisis case studies, guided workshops, Q&As, roundtables, breakouts, open panel discussions and debates.
  • Action and practice – the agenda and event structure is designed to provide actionable tools and practical insights that can be applied. We will also be sharing post event notes from all sessions to all participants.
  • The Chatham House rule – this event is not intended as a PR platform, we hold the event under a covenant of confidentiality to promote open, honest exchange.

Why attend?

  • Hear from industry leaders – what has worked for them, and what to avoid
  • Multi-stakeholder attendance – network with diverse figures from across the industry

Who will be there?

This conference is made for senior professionals from business, government, trade unions and NGOs.

Business representatives are the biggest attendee profile for the conference, the delegates are from the CSR, sustainability, ethical trade, legal, procurement and supply chain, corporate affairs and communications departments. 

Register here now.


If you would like to discuss being involved as a speaker, sponsor, media partner or delegate, please drop an email to:

Eilidh Morrison | Project Director

Direct: +44 (0) 203 780 7437


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