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How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour

How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour

From legislation to real practice: How to report, manage risk and help eradicate slavery from operations and supply chains

Thursday 5th May 2016, London, UK

One day of leading analysis, debate, discussion and networking.

This one-day conference will provide a focused, nuanced discussion on how individual businesses can tackle modern slavery in situations where they are a critical stakeholder. The purpose of this conference is to provide business delegates with the guidance to proactively mitigate the risk of modern slavery taking place in their operations and supply chain, and how to effectively respond to discovered cases of slavery.

The key objectives of the conference are to: 

  • Explore how to operationalise the Modern Slavery Act in your supply chain - on a practical level
  • Outline the practical solutions and emerging innovations coming through that companies can use to tackle slavery
  • Discuss the wider developments in anti-slavery legislation around the world – and the implications for international businesses. 
  • Explain how to produce the best, first Modern Slavery report/statement – be ready to comply with new legislation, key stakeholder expectations, and ensure reporting and policy lead to meaningful action. 
  • Understand how to navigate legal and reputation risks when responding to discovered cases of slavery in your sphere of influence.
  • Outline the leading work that is being done by companies in implementing responsible recruitment practices to stop exploitation through third-party labour providers and close entry points to slavery.
  • Provide an in-depth discussion on high-slavery-risk sectors (i.e. fisheries, manufacturing, farming, construction, mining) and how to best design an anti-slavery strategy to your particular operational context. 

Speakers include

Aidan McQuade

Aidan McQuade


Anti-Slavery International

Darian McBain

Darian McBain

group director of sustainable development

Thai Union Group

Houtan Homayounpour

Houtan Homayounpour

senior programme and operations officer

International Labour Organisation

John Morrison

John Morrison

executive director

Institute for Human Rights and Business

Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson

senior director of responsible sourcing

Walmart Stores Inc.

Zoe McMahon

Zoe McMahon

director, privacy & social responsibility


Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

deputy director general

International Organisation For Migration

Brent Wilton

Brent Wilton

global director of human rights and workplace rights

The Coca Cola Company


In October 2015, Innovation Forum hosted the Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum in London in partnership with the Ethical Trading Initiative. This conference focused on solutions to the most significant human rights issues associated with international business operations.

Forced labour and modern slavery emerged as major challenges for the predominately corporate audience as delegates debated how to tackle the risks that are emerging through implementation of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. It became clear that much more time was required to sufficiently provide answers to the questions that were raised. This conference will build on the key concerns and questions that emerged to produce a clear, actionable guide on modern slavery and how business can help tackle it. 

“How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour” will provide analysis of the actions taken by leading companies, outline the key legal requirements and review the expectations that business will need to comply with and address. 


Event audience and size

This conference is designed specifically for business professionals operating in the following roles:

  • managing and commercial directors
  • recruitment and human resources managers
  • procurement and supply chain managers
  • compliance professionals and legal counsel
  • corporate responsibility and sustainability

There will be 100-150 senior professionals in attendance.  



We are currently seeking a lead sponsor for the conference. If your organisation is looking to position as a leader in the business response to modern slavery/forced labour please contact Lewis Hudson (e: to discuss conference partnership possibilities.


Chatham House rule

Given the nature of the topics under discussion, and to promote open, candid dialogue, this conference will be held under the Chatham House rule of non-disclosure.

This conference is not designed as a communications or PR platform. It’s designed for constructive discussion between companies and other stakeholders that are serious about helping to eradicate modern slavery.



This conference is hosted at the central London offices of Hogan Lovells International.

50 Holborn Viaduct,



The closest underground stations are St Pauls and Chancery Lane.


Event manager 

Boris Petrovic

project director, Innovation Forum

Office: +44 (0)20 3780 7430

Direct: +44 (0)20 3780 7434  




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