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Sponsoring an Innovation Forum webinar is a great way to showcase your work to a broad audience of sustainability related professionals. Stretching beyond the 100-200 people who would typically attend a conference, our webinars usually attract between 600 and 1200 sign ups.

Our webinars are bespoke, each one is tailored depending on your specific requirements and motivations. Innovation Forum will collaborate closely with you to create an interesting and valuable discussion for a 60-minute panel conversation.

What makes our webinars stand out?

  • Real debate & discussion - Just like our conferences, our webinars focus on asking tough questions and getting straight to the important issues. There are no scripts, we get straight into debate and conversation.
  • Focused audience - Webinars are directly marketed to our highly-engaged database of 26000+ sustainability professionals. These are key stakeholders from corporates, NGOs, investors, government bodies, service providers and other relevant organisations.
  • Longevity - Our webinars are more than just a one-off piece of exposure. We will continue to host the recording on our website for at least two years where it will continue to receive downloads. We will also send you a recording to market through your own channels.
  • Interactivity - We believe it is important to involve as many points of view as possible, our webinars allow the live audience to send in questions to the panellists. Any questions that do not get answered in the 60 minutes can be responded to for an interesting piece of follow up content.
  • Cost-efficiency - The ability to dial in online or via phone from anywhere means you can save money on the travel and logistical costs of speaking at a conference.

Sponsoring a webinar will deliver some great exposure for your organisation whilst driving forward discussion around very important sustainability issues. Below are the deliverables that are included with sponsorship.

  • Your organisation branded as exclusive sponsor of the webinar
  • Marketed via direct email to our 26000+ database
  • Hosted on the Innovation Forum website – 8000+ unique visitors per month
  • Included on the IF blog, twitter and podcast channels – combined reach of 10,000+
  • Post webinar follow ups to include recording and tailored messages from your company
  • Posted on Innovation Forum & Tobias Webb’s LinkedIn 9000+ contacts
  • Details of registrants (name, job title, company, email) shared with you after the webinar is completed. Participants are requested to give their consent to share their details.

If this sounds of interest to your organisation, please get in touch with Lewis on the details below for more information on costings and how we can make our webinars work for you.

Lewis Hudson
Business development
T: +44 (0) 20 3780 7438

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