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How business can measure the impact - and ROI - of corporate sustainability

How business can measure the impact - and ROI - of corporate sustainability

The latest tools, techniques and methodologies for placing a value on sustainability and safeguarding against future risk

21-22 June 2017, London

This two-day business conference will be held under the Chatham House Rule featuring board members, senior and middle managers, business school experts and others. The conference style will be of facilitated debate and discussion, with no PPT presentations.

We’re aware that this is both a nascent and vitally important area for business, boardroom, shareholders, and stakeholders, and so we don’t expect speakers to come with all the answers. Our objective with this conference is to have an off-the-record discussion about what we know so far, and how companies can learn from each others on improving processes and practices.

Key discussion topics include:

  • The value of sustainability strategy in 2017. How well understood is true value, true costs, natural capital calculations and other approaches in the boardroom today?
  • Establishing corporate impact measurement systems: Best practices and lessons learnt
  • Employee engagement and CSR ROI: How can companies calculate the value of employee engagement to recruitment, retention and innovation?
  • Social impact assessments: Where are we today, and what counts as ‘good’?
  • Internal and external communication: How to explain all this to stakeholders, consumers and customers


What’s different about this forum?

  • Engaging, interactive sessions – with a blanket ban on PowerPoint! One-on-one case studies, panel debates, interactive roundtables and workshops. The conference provides a range of formats, with an emphasis on audience interaction.
  • Held under the Chatham House rule – this event is not intended as a PR platform, we hold the event under a covenant of confidentiality to promote open, honest exchange.
  • Content is designed for action and practice – the agenda and event structure is designed to provide actionable tools and practical insights that can be applied. We will also be sharing post event notes from all sessions to all participants.


Please get in touch for more information around the event or if you would like to be involved as a speaker, sponsor, media partner or delegate.

Please contact:

Lea Vavrik

+ 44 (0) 203 780 7435

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