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How apparel brands can transform supply chains

How apparel brands can transform supply chains

Traceability, digitalisation and the latest innovations in technology

13th-14th June 2017, Amsterdam

Two days of debate on the latest opportunities for business.



For more information on our 2018 conference 'Sustainable apparel: How brands can transform supply chains' (24-25 April 2018, Amsterdam), click here.




This forum builds on the work of several Innovation Forum conferences covering sustainable apparel, cotton, ethical trade and circular economy.

Over the two days, we will debate the biggest business opportunities for the apparel sector in developing more sustainable supply chains.

We’ll discuss new business models and circularity, the latest traceability technology, where the biggest business opportunities lie, how you can collaborate with others, learn to negotiate internally, measure and benchmark your results, and where digitalisation can take your business.

Some of the core themes and practical sessions include:

  • The rise of digitalisation and automation, and how it will transform your operations in the coming years
  • Supplier mapping – discover the emerging technologies that can improve transparency and help you trace, track and monitor your performance
  • Supply chain opportunities: empower female workers and build capacity in your factories for more efficient operations
  • Fashion footprints – hear the NGO perspective on how brands are performing, and where companies should focus next
  • Materials – engage with cotton farmers, improve leather traceability, and discover the new materials set to go mainstream
  • Is circularity realistic? The practicalities of integrating the trend and closing the loop in your supply chain
  • Engaging with procurement and suppliers – practical steps for effective communication and aligning your interests internally
  • Measuring impact – the practicalities of natural capital accounting and EP&Ls, and where you stand amongst competitors

See the full agenda here.

Speakers include

Anna Maria Rugarli

Anna Maria Rugarli

Sustainability & Responsibility Senior Director

VF International

Félix Poza

Félix Poza

Global Director of Sustainability


Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

VP, Europe

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Henrik Lampa

Henrik Lampa

Development Sustainability Manager

H&M Group

Brandee Butler

Brandee Butler

Head of Gender Justice & Human Rights

C&A Foundation

Helen Sahi

Helen Sahi

Senior Director, Sustainability

Avery Dennison

See the full list of speakers here.

What’s different about this forum?

  • Interactive sessions – with a blanket ban on PowerPoint! One-on-one case studies, panel debates, interactive roundtables and workshops. The conference provides a range of formats, with an emphasis on audience interaction.
  • Action and practice – the agenda and event structure is designed to provide actionable tools and practical insights that can be applied. We will also be sharing post event notes from all sessions to all participants.
  • The Chatham House rule – this event is not intended as a PR platform, we hold the event under a covenant of confidentiality to promote open, honest exchange.

Why attend?

  • Hear from industry leaders – what has worked for them, and what to avoid
  • Multi-stakeholder attendance – network with diverse figures from across the industry
  • Understand the latest innovation set to transform the industry in the next five years

Who will be there?

Over 100 managers, directors, and heads of department will attend the conference from leading fashion and apparel brands, retailers, suppliers and traders. They’ll be joined by key NGOs, government officials, and multi-stakeholder initiatives.

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If you would like to discuss being involved as a speaker, sponsor, media partner or delegate, please drop an email to:

Eilidh Morrison | Project Director

Direct: +44 (0) 203 780 7437


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