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Sustainable extractives forum

Sustainable extractives forum

How to manage risk and navigate uncertainty

27th-28th April, 2016, London


As extraction continues to take place in ever more remote geographies, low commodity prices persist and expectations for responsible business practice continue to grow, the sustainability challenges faced by the extractives sector have arguably never been greater.

With this in mind, we have elevated those which are most pressing and brought together leading experts in the field representing corporations, investors, NGOs, government and academics.

The Sustainable Extractives forum offers a two day event focused on solutions and strategy; highlighting innovative practice across the extractives sector in managing risk and creating shared value.


There will be focused debates and practical working sessions on:

  • Doing more with less: how to be more strategic in terms of sustainability and CSR activities and yield greater impact from actions?
  • Local content: what does best practice look like and advice on how to reach sustainable local content agreements?
  • The post-2015 development agenda: how can extractive companies play a role, individually and collaboratively, in the achievement of the SDGs?
  • Achieving good resource governance: lessons learned from successes and failures in efforts to drive greater transparency
  • Local community engagement: what role can business play in ensuring community welfare in the long-term?
  • Growing expectations from Big Finance: The role of investors in driving environmental and social sustainability performance among extractive companies 

Speakers include

Eddie Rich

Eddie Rich

Deputy Head

Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan

Executive Director


Veronica Nyhan Jones

Veronica Nyhan Jones

Head of Advisory Services, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department


Christian Spano

Christian Spano

Global Head of Socioeconomic Development

Anglo American

Julie Vallat

Julie Vallat

Head of Ethics and Human Rights Unit

Total S.A.

John Clarke

John Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Banro Corporation

This conference will provide:

  • A platform for focused multi-stakeholder dialogue confronting the complex reality of risks extractive companies face, and how these are best managed
  • Practical recommendations on how to improve current CSR + sustainability practices around core areas like human rights, community engagement and local content
  • A unique opportunityfor cross sector insight concerning the implementation of policies like FPIC

Who is attending?

Attending will be 120 senior professionals representing international oil, gas and mining companies, NGOs, investors, government and service providers. We’re actively restricting the number of consultants to ensure the majority of attendees are corporate practitioners and key leaders in the field so that the conference delivers maximum value.

What’s different about this conference?

  • We’re highly business focused. Lots of events are about theory and academic studies. We look at solving problems via how companies make clear-eyed and robust decisions.
  • We bring big companies and the challenging ethical brands together. We believe this helps produce insight and drive solutions.
  • We provide genuine debate: We don’t do waffle, PPT or corporate videos.  We do this via short sharp debate sessions, Q&A’s and facilitated dialogue.
  • We’re completely pragmatic and solutions focused. We don’t allow our events to get bogged down in overly technical arguments.
  • We’re highly connected with big business. We have a database of more than 20,000 executives all focused on sustainable business. We bring new parties to traditional areas in a different style.

Contact Info:

If you would like to discuss further being involved as a speaker, sponsor, media partner or delegate please get in touch:

Natasha Bodnar

Innovation Forum

3rd Floor, 1 Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA 

+44 (0) 203 780 7432

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