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How brands can transform factories, save money - and hit sustainability targets

How brands can transform factories, save money - and hit sustainability targets

Partnerships, innovation and cutting-edge technology

15th-16th November, Washington DC

This conference is designed for companies to get an in-depth understanding of the main innovations, best practices and technologies transforming factories which deliver cost savings and sustainability gains.

We will debate the nuts and bolts of collaboration that pays, and how you can sell the case for investment internally in a large company. 

The agenda will comprise of panels, case studies and workshop sessions that are framed around comment and insight from companies and industry associations in the apparel, FMCG, electronics, home furnishings and other consumer goods sectors.

Some of the topics the conference will address include:

  • Drive cost efficiency AND improve sustainability outcomes– how to stop being viewed as a necessary cost - change the narrative of sustainability to a business opportunity with productivity, profit enhancement and compliance gains
  • Finance models – we will debate who pays for the improvement of factories. We’ll explore the most economically viable and sustainable ways of financing improvement 
  • Technology – blockchain, artificial intelligence, digitisation, big data, predictive analytics – we’ll take a pragmatic look at the different emerging solutions and debate how useful they really are
  • Expand your influence through partnerships – we’ll explore the best mechanisms and models for working with companies that share factories, and ask how to overcome competitive and confidentiality barriers for mutual benefit
  • Reforming audits through collaboration – understand what technologies will allow companies to pre-competitively share data to reduce expenditure on audits and lower risk collectively
  • The future of manufacturing– understand what’s over the horizon with automation, robotics and digitisation, the maturity of on-shoring and to what extent these trends will bring manfacturing closer to consumer markets

 Leading companies will be providing case studies on:

  • Strategy for long-term factory sustainability – go beyond a piecemeal effort when approaching engagement with tier 1, 2, 3 (and beyond) suppliers – to a more systematic and time-efficient strategy 
  • Get buy in from senior procurement and supply chain partners – learn how you can make the business case to the supply chain, from your own procurement team, to the factory owner, to middle manager, to the line manager
  • Factory remediation and engagement – get first-hand insight into how and why leading companies are training and engaging with factories to elevate management standards
  • Which worker voice solution to use? Learn how to pilot worker voice systems, how to integrate them with audit systems and other sources of data to improve decision making
  • Supply chain mapping and monitoring – learn the most effective and least burdensome ways to map and monitor your supply chain, understand salient risks and how to ensure captured data is useful in the future as well as what technologies are out there to help
  • Innovations in data management – explore the latest data systems for capturing and storing data, reducing junk, and ensuring the data analysis leads to useful, simplified decision making

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Event audience and size

We will have 120-140 attendees participating in the conference in November.

The profile of attendees from the private sector will include senior management and executives from supply chain, procurement, CSR, sustainability, compliance and corporate affairs functions.

Other significant stakeholders will include representatives from finance, service provider and the technology community, as well as key NGOs.


The venue of the conference is the Pew Center in Washington DC.


901 E Street NW

Washington, DC



How to sign up

Conference registration is now open and you can register on the link below. The current rates will be the lowest prices any time until the conference. The launch rate ends on Friday 1st September.

If you are looking to attend the conference with two or more colleagues, please email to secure a group discount.

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Sponsors of the event

We are currently looking for a small number of sponsors to work with, to highlight some of the leading technologies and solutions that are contributing to efficient, sustainable factories. If you are interested in promoting a product or service at the forum, please contact Lewis Hudson (


If you have any questions about the forum, or if you're interested in being involved or supporting the event, please get in touch on the details below:

Boris Petrovic

Event manager

Innovation Forum: Events and Insight for Sustainability

Office: +44 (0) 203 780 7430 (London, UK time zone)

Direct: +44 (0) 203 780 74 34  




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