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Sustainable seafood sourcing

Sustainable seafood sourcing

How business can manage global risk and collaborate for sustainable improvements

25th-26th November 2015, London

A conference on how leading retailers, brands and producers drive transparency, sustainability and collaborate effectively.

This conference will bring together brands and large companies, suppliers, government, inter-governmental agencies, NGOs and advocates to debate progress on ocean and marine life sustainability, and to discuss how to practically improve corporate actions, footprints and supply chain engagement.

Get insight into:

  • A changing seafood industry – Explore the pressures for reform, and hear NGO perspectives on the benefits of adapting business
  • How business is responding – How do leading brands and retailers build alternative business cases? How do suppliers engage their own supply chain to find solutions for transparency and traceability?

The event will feature focused debates on: 

  • Tackling human rights issues in seafood supply chains  How do leading companies engage with suppliers to develop collaborative action plans targeting human and labour rights issues?
  • Certification and beyond – Critical analysis of certification and its limits: understand the benefits and challenges, and learn how to avoid classic pitfalls
  • Aquaculture and sustainability? A long term view  Evaluate new innovative technology and its impact on the industry - experts discuss what aquaculture could mean for seafood sourcing
  • Policy and its implications  Evaluating the effectiveness of governments in developing national and international cooperation 

Skills to take back to the office:

  • Make collaboration and engagement happen  Practical steps to empoweryour business to counter illegal fishing and avoid critical supply risks  
  • Educating consumers – Make informed choices in uniting seafood brands and their suppliers, to develop more sustainable practices and also engage consumers and relevant stakeholders

Speakers include

Lasse Gustavsson

Lasse Gustavsson

executive director

Oceana, Europe

Dr. Darian McBain

Dr. Darian McBain

group director of sustainable development

Thai Union Group

Toby Middleton

Toby Middleton

senior country manager

Marine Stewardship Council

Laky Zervudachi

Laky Zervudachi

sustainability director

Direct Seafood Group

Ally Dingwall

Ally Dingwall

aquaculture and fisheries manager


Chris Ninnes

Chris Ninnes


Acquaculture Stewardship Council

The full list of speakers can be found here.

Who will attend? 

Senior executives from supply chain, sourcing, sustainability, public affairs and corporate affairs and communications. Seafood and marine conservation NGOs, certification bodies, experts from academic, governmental and science areas. 

 What’s different about this conference?

1)     We’re highly business focused. Lots of events are about policy and academic studies. We look at solving problems via how companies make sourcing and traceability decisions.

2)     We bring big companies and the challenging campaigners together. We believe this helps produce insight and drive solutions.

3)     We provide genuine debate. We don’t do waffle, PPT or corporate videos. We do this via short sharp debate sessions, Q&As and facilitated dialogue.

4)     We’re completely pragmatic and solutions focused. We don’t allow our events to get bogged down in overly technical arguments.

5)     We’re global. We work in Europe, the US and Asia and our agendas reflect global trends and bring in companies from emerging markets.

6)     We’re highly connected with big business. We have a database of more than 20,000 executives all focused on sustainable business. We bring new parties to traditional areas in a different style. 

So, how do we make the seafood industry a sustainable industry?

If you are looking to learn more about how business can manage global risk and collaborate for sustainable improvements effectively, then this is the forum for you. For further information on our expert speakers and detailed agenda, download the brochure on the right hand side.

For any further questions or queries, or if you'd like to be involved in this event, please get in touch:

Lea Vavrik

Innovation Forum

+ 44 (0) 20 3780 7435

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