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Sustainable sugarcane forum

Sustainable sugarcane forum

How to manage risk, scale impact and hit targets for 2020 and beyond

4th-5th December 2017, London

Created in partnership with Bonsucro, the global platform for sugarcane, this forum is designed for brands and end-users in the sugarcane supply chain to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and the practicalities of how to make them successful.

The conference offers the opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and debate the key issues and opportunities facing the industry, through an interactive, engaging and practical format.

The forum will provide delegates with:

  • An overview of the commercial state of the sugar industry – stay up-to-date with recent changes in regulation and trends in prices - and the outlook for the coming 5 years
  • 2020 and beyond brand commitments – learn how brands are approaching their sustainability effort when it comes to sugar, whether they are on course to hit 2020 targets – and what comes beyond
  • Clear guidelines and best practices on how the leading companies are developing and implementing their sustainable sugar sourcing commitments
  • Demand trends – learn how trends in nutrition, climate change, bioplastics, biomaterials pertain to sugar and how they can be used to strengthen the business case for meaningful engagement with the sustainability agenda
  • Case studies from outside sugarcane - we’ll get the latest case studies on what other crops are doing to address similar social and environmental issues that have transferrable lessons for sugar

You can see the timed agenda for the conference here

Speakers include

Jonathan Kingsman

Jonathan Kingsman

Chair of the Board


Diane Stevenson

Diane Stevenson

Director of Sustainability and Food Technology

CSC Sugar

Diana Visser

Diana Visser

Sustainability Director


Julia Clark

Julia Clark

Head of Sugar Ethics

Tate & Lyle Sugars

Some of the key items in agenda for 2017 include:

  • Partnerships and collaboration – the event format will aim to help you to identify partners and discuss the best ways to make collaboration successful on-the-ground
  • Country-specific case studies – we’ll explore focused country discussions of the most important sugar producing regions in the world – their unique opportunities and challenges
  • New finance – learn what the latest financial innovations in agriculture are – and how they can be used to incentivise continuous improvements of sugar farming and production
  • Water risk - we’ll explore the innovations that are emerging in managing water issues for companies and how to build coalitions to tackle common sourcing concerns
  • Traceability - understand your supply chain through the latest mapping and monitoring to know where the risks and opportunities lie
  • Human rights due diligence – learn how to implement a credible programme to manage and remove human rights risks - such as child and forced labour - from your supply chain
  • Smallholder farmers and producer community development – learn the best ways to implement programmes that improve productivity and yield of sugar farming, and maximise the economic value of sugarcane for communities

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Some of this year's delegates

Below is a sample of the registered delegates for 2017 so far:

  • International Account Manager for Sugar, AB Sustain
  • Business Development Director, AB Sustain
  • Lead International Assessor, AB Sustain
  • Director, Corporate Responsibility, ASR Group
  • Global Director of Sustainability, ASR Group
  • Sustainability Manager, Americas, Barry Callebaut
  • Sustainability Manager Global Sourcing, Barry Callebaut Sourcing
  • Global Head Food Chain Relations, Bayer AG
  • Sustainability Director, Corbion
  • Director of Sustainability and Food Technology, CSC Sugar
  • Sustainable Agriculture Manager, Diageo
  • Sustainability and Quality Manager, ED&F Man
  • Sustainability Director, ED&F Man
  • Senior Supply Chain Manager, Fair Trade USA
  • Sustainability Manager, Ferrero
  • Gerente de Sostenibilidad, IANSA S.A.
  • Sustainability Director for Sugar, Louis Dreyfus Company
  • Responsible Sourcing Manager, Tesco


New to sugar?

Are you concerned that the sugar your company sources is a potential supply chain risk?

This conference is particularly helpful for companies that are new to the conversation and that are looking to understand the nature of the sugar industry and sugarcane farming better.

The content will provide the training for brands, retailers and end-buyers to implement strategies that help manage risks in their sugar supply chain and find the relevant partners to create a positive impact for farmers and workers.


Event audience and size

80-100 managers, directors, heads of department, and other senior professionals representing various stakeholders in the sugar value chain will attend.

They will be joined by key NGOs, government and multi-stakeholder initiative representatives.

The agenda encompasses sugarcane supply chains, and the event will include sugar farmers, processors, traders as well as end-buyers such as FMCGs, retailers, chemical and biofuel industry representatives.

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The venue of the conference is the Amnesty International Human Rights Action Center. The address is:

25 New Inn Yard,



You can see the direction to the venue here.


How to sign up

Pre-launch conference registration is now open and you can register on the link below. The current rates will be the lowest prices any time until the conference.

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Please note that Bonsucro members get a £200 discount on any passes. If you are a Bonsucro member, please make sure to use the discount code ‘BONMEMBER’ to access the appropriate rate.

If you are looking to attend the conference with two or more colleagues, please contact Boris Petrovic on the details below to secure a group discount.


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